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The Prince [Theater] took the lead on the strength of Green Violin, a new musical about the artist Marc Chagall’s connection to the Soviet Yiddish theater.  With 11 nominations, it was the most recognized single production when the nominees for the 2002-3 season were announced.”

- Philadelphia Inquirer, August 21, 2003

“Prince theater’s “Green Violin leads Barrymore awards…
Prince Music Theater’s production of “green Violin” was a big winner at yesterday’s annual Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theater ceremony and gala, held at the Annenberg center.

The production earned for Outstanding Direction of a Musical (Rebecca Bayla Taichman) Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical (Raul Esparza), Outstanding Original Music (Frank London), and Outstanding Choreography / Movement (David Dorfman)."

- Philadelphia Daily News, October 28, 2003

"Green Violin, a bold new musical... created by Elise Thoron and Rebecca Taichman, is the story of the Soviet Yiddish Theatre... having invited painter Mark Chagall to paint the sets, walls, and even actors, the theatre looks to new forms of performance based on rhythm, silence, and movement. It's a deconstructionist approach similar to Chagall's cubist strategy of breaking down realistic figures... taking on the nearly impossible task of portraying one of the world's greatest actors, Raul Esparza, is brilliant..."  

- The Philadelphia Weekly

“The musical… draws you in; you become part of the audience that made the Yiddish theater thrive in Russia after the Revolution, and you feel the rush of a people watching their lives reflected from a stage.”

- The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Green Violin is not for those who prefer their theater mentally relaxing, but if you don’t mind working a little for your art, your effort will be amply rewarded.”

- J. Cooper Robb, Philadelphia Weekly