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Prozak and the Platypus
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Jill Sobule (vocals, guitar, drums, piano, keys, banjo, sounds) • Elise Thoron (lyrics) • Dave Way (bass, guitar, drums, wine glass, producer) • Steve Gaboury (piano, keys) • James Mastro (guitar, producer) • Lyle Workman (guitar) • Felix Bloxom (drums, bass) • Dave Carpenter (bass) • Bryan Head (drums) •Produced by Dave Way • Additional production James Mastro • Executive Producer Michael Robin • Recorded at Waystation, LA and Stratosphere Sound, NY • Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering, LA


Watch Me Sleep : Prozak
Empty Glass : Prozak
Talkin’ Platy : Frankie
Gotta Get Me Some : Prozak
Jitters & Creeps : Prozak
Tell Me I’ve Won : Prozak
Evolution : Prozak
Skyhook : Prozak and Blue
Deep Blue : Blue
Nothing I Can Do : Prozak
Dreamtime : Prozak and Frankie