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Charlotte: Life? or Theater?
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Music Excerpts from the concert performance at the United States Holocaust
Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. April 23, 2001

Charlotte Mara Stephens | Dr Kann Scott Burkell
Mrs Knarre Olga Talyn | Dr. Knarre Larry Keith | Franziska Nancy Hume
Paulinka Bim Bam Anne Kanengieser | Amadeus Daberlohn William Youmans

Director/Pianist Ted Sperling

listen 1. A Cold Clear Night | Franziska & Dr. Kann
listen 2. The Water Song | Charlotte, Franziska & Mrs. Knarre
listen 3. The Last Resort | Dr. Knarre, Mrs. Knarre & Charlotte
listen 4. Our Tune of Love | Paulinka & Charlotte
listen 5. The Letter | Paulinka, Dr. Kann & Knarre, Charlotte
listen 6. Buried Alive | Daberlohn, Paul Kandel
listen 7. I Had to Look Again | Charlotte & Daberlohn
listen 8. Every Day I Sing | Paulinka
listen 9. Orpheus Rising | The Company
listen 10. The Good Bye Song | Nigel Richards (more here)


Art by Charlotte SalomonĀ®, Collection Jewish Historical Museum AmsterdamĀ©.