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Elise Thoron
Green Violin

Frank London

Frank London, composer. Frank co-founded the Klezmatics in 1986, and plays trumpet and keyboard and sings with the group and he's written many of the Klezmatics' most popular songs. But his mile-long resumé has also seen Frank adding virtuosity to hundreds of concerts and recordings by everyone from John Zorn to They Might Be Giants, Mel Torme to Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd, Youssou N'dour, LaMonte Young, Allen Ginsberg and LL Cool J! Called the "mystical high priest of Avant-Klez jazz," Frank has made 30 solo recordings and is featured on over 400 CDs.


Maestro Ulises Aquino Guerra, Director General, Compañía Opera de la Calle. The leading figure in Cuban Opera, Ulises founded Opera de la Calle (see video below!) in 2006 to integrate Cuban popular traditions with opera. Hugely successful, Opera de la Calle company of more than 120 singers, actors, and musicians now has annual attendance of thousands, performing not only in its two theaters, but also in plazas and theaters throughout Cuba.